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  Computer Number Bases – Printed Text with Audio CD
   "1 + 1 = 10 Computer Number Bases" was originally published by Williamsville Publishing Company as part of their popular computer math series – printed texts with audio cassettes – available today on CD with printed text – from The version listed here has been republished as a printed text by Hershey Books and available on Amazon along with "An Introduction to Boolean Algebra and Switching Circuits," "Sets, Numbers and Flowcharts," and "Introduction to Logic."
    This text contributes to STEM-based instruction. STEM is an acronym that includes education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics 
and computer science. These areas of knowledge help students learn to communicate better in mathematics and computer science using sets, numbers, logic and flowcharts and displaying information in various ways. "Computer Number Bases" was submitted for review in "The Mathematics Teacher" and received praise - "The development is well done." This four-volume computer math series is published in the United States by Hershey Books – and available from Amazon. For more information about the series our books are listed at
    ABOUT THE BOOK: "Computer Number Bases" covers Base Ten (Decimal), Base Two (Binary), Base Eight (Octal) and Base 16 (Hexadecimal). These four number systems are important to gain insight into how computer systems operate internally. Questions are listed in exercises at the end of each section and the answer key is conveniently located after each exercise. This book is part of the "Computer Mathematics Series." The four titles in the series give an excellent introduction to computer math and provide a firm foundation for beginners to study more advanced topics in computer mathematics.    
    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: William Parks, B.S., M.S., Ed.M., taught secondary level mathematics in private and public high schools in New York for five years. He taught community college mathematics and computer science for 25 years in New York, Tennessee, Maryland
Arizona. He was a computer science degree program developer at four colleges: SUNY Colleges at Buffalo and Fredonia, Elon University and D'Youville College. He was the technical editor for "Personal Computing" and "PC AI" magazines.

Windows to Heaven– by Georget Kontos Photos. Biography of America's first female iconographer, Shirley S. Kontos (1949 - 1991). From a young age, Shirley seemed destined to follow the journey of a famous artist. Her studies earned her degrees from the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern University. Her artistic talents brought her acclaim and recognition which led to an invitation to exhibit at the prestigious Whitney Museum in New York. She was well on her way to fame in the art world. However, a mysterious encounter with an angelic stranger changes the direction of her life.
    This heavenly messenger reveals the journey of a heavenly calling. He 
shares with
 dreams of her life that she had not expressed to anyone. She is to become famous, but not in the artistic field she believes. She is to embark upon a spiritual journey to overcome her shortcomings and faults, and to acquire knowledge and skill in an artistic field which transcends the earthly and opens “Windows To Heaven."
    Finally, she would arrive at the pinnacle of success. Before this successful moment, someone who had been very evil to her would capture her attention. If she ignored this person and turned her back in unforgiveness, all she had gained would be lost. The fascinating details of this spiritual journey are revealed in this previously untold story.

  We Remember the Day of President Kennedy's Assassination – by Barbara O'Shea. One of many testimonies by retired nurse's aide Marjorie Meyers:  "It was Friday, November 22, 1963. I was living in Alden, New York and had no plans for that day. It was going to be a nice relaxing day. I seated myself comfortably in my front room in time to watch the motorcade of our president on television from Dallas, Texas."
   "All of a sudden, I saw our president, John F. Kennedy slumped over in the back seat of an open convertible car in which he was riding. He was seated next to his wife, Jackie who jumped up in panic. I was so confused and shocked by what I was watching. I couldn't help but cry as the news unfolded. I didn't want to believe our president had been assassinated. This kind of thing couldn’t happen to us."

   The Calico Caterpillar  By Donna Lewis. A professional graphic arts designer stated that "The Calico Caterpillar" book is "Amazing!" He said, "The illustrations in this book are wonderfully beautiful and inventive! A thoroughly enjoyable visual feast for the eyes! I could go on picking out many details that make the images and their sequencing so terrific. The book is so well done that it is hard to find areas that could be improved."
  Animal Alphabet: Fun Facts – Illustrated fun facts about animals that will both educate and entertain children.
  Animal Tails –  by Donna Lewis. This is a lively illustrated rhyming book that will delight children with guessing games.
  Beginning Algebra – The book presents basic concepts in simplified personalized form often used in on-line internet based courses.
  Birder's Break A birdwatcher for 80 years, the author, Dr. Gerry Rising, brings that experience to informal essays which will appeal to all levels of bird and nature enthusiasts.
  Birds and Birdwatchers – This book contains many of the informal essays written by Dr. Gerry Rising during his 25-year tenure as a weekly Nature Watch Columnist for the Buffalo News.
  Choices – by Donna Lewis. Choices is a make-believe beautifully illustrated story about birds choosing the colors of their feathers written and illustrated by Donna Lewis and Doris Rapp, authors of another children's book about birds, "Peppi Puffin to the Rescue." 
  Colours of Fire – This is a biography of a Polish nurse,  Hanna Chrzanowska (1902-1973) by Dr. Gosia Brykczynska. Hanna has been beatified and on her way to full sainthood (the first lay nurse to achieve such an honor) in the Catholic Church. Hanna worked in Poland in community nursing but had to struggle to continue her excellent work under German occupation in WW II and then under the communists after WW II.  Hanna is a fitting model for today's generation of nurses and healthcare workers.
  Computer Number Bases – This text covers Base Ten (Decimal), Base Two (Binary), Base Eight (Octal) and Base 16 (hexadecimal). An understanding of these four number systems is important to gain insight into how computer systems operate internally.
  Earth, God's Garden – By Donna Lewis. This book is an uplifting prayerful experience. It teaches young people and adults how to appreciate the beautiful manifestations of nature and life on earth utilizing excellent large colorful photographs with unique camera angles.

A Franciscan Odyssey – by Father Lucjan Krolikowski. True story about a Franciscan priest arrested during WW II and sent to Siberia. After the war, he adopted 150 children whose parents died in Siberia, brought them to Canada, placed them in homes and helped in bringing them up and he later officiated at their weddings and baptized their children.
  Handbook for Piano Practice – by Victoria  B. Stearns. This book is an excellent companion and guide to piano practice, for both students, whether amateur or aspiring music major and a reference for teachers as well: the principles of good playing are the same for everyone.
  1 + 1 = 1 An Introduction to Boolean Algebra and Switching Circuits – This text was taken from an audio-visual Computer Math Series which was reviewed in The Mathematics Teacher and received praise, "the development is well done."
  Introduction to Gambling Theory – Know the odds – This text covers the fundamental concepts of gambling theory in a simple and easy to understand format.

  Introduction to Logic – The author of "Introduction to Logic" and other titles in the Computer Math series is William R. Parks, B.S., M.S., Ed.M., curriculum designer for the computer science degree programs at three colleges in the SUNY system and instructor of mathematics and computer courses at three high schools, three community colleges and four four-year colleges. He taught at SUNY colleges in Fredonia & Buffalo, NY, Niagara County Community College, NY, Cecil Community College, MD, Elon University, NC, Walters State Community College, TN, D'Youville College, NY and Mesa Community College, AZ. He was the technical editor for "Personal Computing" and "PC AI" magazines.
  Jonah The Reluctant Prophet – By Donna Lewis. This is a colorfully illustrated Bible story about Jonah and the whale written for children.
  Letters to a Young Math Teacher – by Dr. Gerald Rising. "An excellent book for beginning math teachers." – Greg A. Baugher, Mercer University, Georgia.
  Made in America –  by Professor Robert A. Wozniak. A resource guide for American made residential and non-residential products, materials and methods. As stated by Andes Lewendel, "If every builder bought just 5% more U.S. made materials, they would create 220,000 American jobs right now."
  Peppi Puffin to the Rescue  By Donna Lewis. This illustrated book by Donna Lewis is for young readers. Peppi is a happy Atlantic puffin who comes to the rescue of an Atlantic whale who got tangled in a fisherman's net.
  Prayers from the Heart – By  Sherry Tarlton. This is a tender, heartwarming devotional with inspiring scriptures and true stories. It is a living witness of what God can do if given a chance. You will find encouragement on each page to seek God above all else.
  Program Your Calculator – Dr. Gerald Rising and Dr. Deborah Moore-Russo, of the University at Buffalo and Dr. Eileen Schoaff of Buffalo State College wrote  "Program Your Calculator,"  to give a basic introduction to programming with the TI-84 calculator through a series of interesting examples.
  Program Your Calculator (Large print) 
  The Field and Importance of Political Economy and The Payment of Labor – Political economist, Albert S. Bolles, writes clearly about economic principles because his views are not influenced by pecuniary interests. This book is Part One in our Classic Reprint Series in Economics and contains Chapters I and II of "Chapters in Political Economy" by Albert S. Bolles.
  The Joyful Cook's Guide To Heavenly Greek Cuisine  by Georget Kontos Photos. Book reviewer, Dr. Maria Secaras wrote, "I love the recipes in this book! Even though I work long days, I want to prepare delicious meals for my family and entertain friends. These recipes are quick and easy to make."
  The Nature Watch Collection Book One – Professor Rising seeks to communicate to his readers his own involvement with and love of nature. He has explored the out-of-doors through hiking,  canoeing and biking. At age 85,  he road his motor scooter on a camping trip around Lake Michigan,  completing his similar  "circumnavigations"  of all the Great Lakes. Rising lives with his wife Doris in Amherst,  New York,  a Buffalo suburb. He has two children,  four grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.
  The Nature Watch Collection Book One (Color Edition) 
  The Nature Watch Collection Book Two by Gerry Rising
  The Nature Watch Collection Book Two (Color Edition)
   Time to Fly by Donna Lewis. Millie Wingler, M.A., Ed. Early Childhood Elementary Education stated, "This book will delight my preschool and kindergarten students. This "tale of tails" will be added to my school library for young readers as well as those who may have reading challenges. My English language learners will benefit from the vivid description and animal vocabulary."

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The following poem To the Class of 2004 by James Huran is reproduced with permission of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle Alumni Association. It appeared on the copyright page of a new book published in 2017, Chautauqua's Heart  A History of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle by Mary Lee Talbot.  This CLSC history is of great interest to the Alumni Association. To secure a copy of this excellent 265-page book, one can contact the Chautauqua  Bookstore ( ), or if on the grounds of Chautauqua Institution during the summer, seek out Alumni Hall. 
To the Class of 2004
A book that from the mind did spring
Was thought to be a wondrous thing!
And so it Was! For on its page
Dwelt words of wisdom from the sage,
With powers the seeking mind to sway
And the outcome of the day,
By raising questions, posing answers,
Inspiring music, art, and dancers!
The years roll by; the river flows,
You read great books; your wisdom grows.
We're proud of you! For now, you'll be
Alumni of CLSC!

-- James Huron
CLSC Alumni Association President, 2004-05

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A prayerful poem, "A Cross on the Sands," on You Tube at:
The poem was written by Blessed Hanna Chrzanowska who is a modern day saint and will become the first lay nurse canonized a saint. The poem was translated and read by Dr. Gosia Brykczynska, a retired nurse from London, England. Dr. Brykczynska authored a biography of Hanna, "Colours of Fire," published by William R. Parks,  The book is available on Amazon. This video was produced by William R. Parks using a hand held iPhone for both the audio and visual recording.

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Publisher contact:                                        
William R. Parks                                                                        
Hershey, PA 17033                                        

Author contact:
Dr. Gerald Rising 
295 Robin Hill 
Williamsville, NY 14221


Birds and Birdwatchers:

Paperback $10.95; Kindle eBook: $3.95
ISBN/EAN13:153716001X / 9781537160016
Library of Congress Control Number: 2016913715
Page Count: 268
US Trade Size: 6" x 9” 
Language: English
Color: Black and White

Other nature books by Dr. Rising available at Birder's Break, The Nature Watch Collection - Books One & Two
Book for Birdwatchers Who Wish to Go Beyond Field Identification
Hershey, PA – William R. Parks is proud to announce the publication of Gerry Rising’s latest book, “Birds and Birdwatchers.” Dr. Rising, a nationally recognized educator and writer, is SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus at the University at Buffalo.
This miscellany of essays has something for everyone: birding neophyte to a professional ornithologist. The Table of Contents suggests how wide-ranging the subjects are: from Audubon and Wilson to Peterson and Sibley, from Baghdad to Buffalo via Mexico, from gnatcatchers to snowy owls and from sumac storehouses to wind turbines. But the real gems reside within the essays themselves: Ben Franklin's letter about the turkey and the eagle, the British fleet confronting a loon, a raven outsmarting the author, an assortment of names for bird groups. Read an essay selected at random and you will surely find something of special interest.
A recreational birdwatcher for 80 years, Rising brings that experience to the informal essays in this book, many of which appeared during his 25-year tenure as weekly “Nature Watch” columnist for the Buffalo News. He also served as editor of the New York State ornithological journal, The Kingbird, and contributed species accounts to Bull's Birds of New York.
Rising has said that this book is one he wished he had over his lifetime as a birdwatcher and he believes that, once you delve into it, you will feel rewarded. Publisher Bill Parks adds, “Rarely will you find this range of information in a single resource.”
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