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Colours of Fire   ©2014
The Life of Hanna Chrzanowska

by Gosia Brykczysńka
ISBN-13:  978-0884930105
ISBN-10:  0884930106
Library of Congress Control Number:  2014905477

Paperback edition:  118 pages   $8.95
eBook edition:  118 pages  $3.95
Publisher:  William R. Parks

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About this book:

Biography of a registered nurse who circumvented the Nazi and communist regimes to help people in need.
This is a story about a Polish nurse, Hanna Chrzanowska (1902 -1973). Hanna was a great Polish patriot. During the Second World War, her tireless work with the homeless and refugees in Kraków significantly avoided mass hunger and outright starvation in the over-crowded city. After the war, Hanna, established and coordinated Catholic Parish Nursing in communist Poland. She worked for most of her professional life as a qualified nursing instructor in the field of community nursing, in schools of nursing in Poland. She is a model for today's generation of nurses and healthcare workers.
About the author:
Dr. Gosia Brykczyńska resides in London, England.  She started her career as a humanities graduate with a degree in Russian and Eastern European Studies with a speciality in Soviet medicine. After further studies in medical anthropology and nursing, she pursued work in pediatric oncology nursing. Eventually returning to work in the humanities field she taught health care ethics and obtained her doctorate in philosophy. Dr. Brykczyńska has written several professional books and also translated poetry from Polish into English. Shortly before retiring she worked for the European Union with the Royal College of Nursing in the United Kingdom preparing nursing professionals from Central Europe for admission to the Single European Registration. Dr. Brykczyńska is bi-cultural and bi-lingual and spends much of her free time in Poland.
Reader review:
Nurse Hanna Chrzanowska may help obtain cures for ailments.

by Al Roberts
During the time I was reading this book - a biography of one of the first registered nurses in modern times - given serious consideration for canonization to sainthood in the Catholic Church - I felt touched by her life and experienced what I consider a cure with the help of healthcare personnel for two ailments - one of them in connection with hypertension. If any readers experience similar graces during reading of this book please report such occurrences to the publisher: wparkspublishing@aol.com The publisher will submit them to the priest in charge of obtaining evidence of graces obtained through the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God Nurse Hanna Chrzanowska (1902-1973).

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